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How much personality should sole practitioners put into their practice?

I was asked two related questions during a recent interview. This post is drawn from the notes I made before giving my answers on air. 1. With so many businesses competing with each other online, has it become more important to put more personality into your practice? The smaller your practice the more important it … Read More

Are technical skills enough for sole practitioner accountants?

Most sole practitioners are justly proud of their technical skills. It is also common to find that some sole practitioners undervalue the importance of ensuring that they have all the business skills they require to be profitable in the short-term and successful in the longer-term. At best only lip-service is paid to the development of non-technical skills. … Read More

The Sole Practitioners’ formula for identifying your premium fee paying prospects

This is a guest blog provided by Patrick McLoughlin. In it he explains how sole practitioner accountants can become really clear as to who is a premium fee playing client. And, having done that, how you can then clarify your future marketing and business generation activities. As Patrick’s approach is much the same as mine I … Read More

8 mistakes sole practitioners make on twitter

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An increasing number of sole practitioners are experimenting with twitter. Some quickly conclude or believe instinctively that twitter could be a huge waste of time. And yet some also talk about how they have used twitter to secure new clients or otherwise found it to be a useful source of knowledge and information. What follows … Read More

What can you do if your fees are too low?

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Let’s start with a truism. No accountants complain that their clients are paying them too much. Conversely there are five main reasons why accountants think their clients are paying too little: 1. They haven’t put the basic fee up to a commercial level; 2. They don’t charge more during their busiest period; 3. They haven’t … Read More

New hologram support service for accountants

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Press Release Renowned accountants’ mentor and commentator, Mark Lee, has teamed up with a Tokyo University for what he is calling an outsourcing knowledge experiment. This new service is quite distinct from Microsoft’s recently announced holoportation which uses different technology. Using a simpler Japanese originated smartphone app, accountants will be able to have a hologram … Read More

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