Mark Lee has been a regular blogger here since 2006. His blogging topics, articles and books all contain insights, tips and advice for professionals who are determined to be more successful.

You can now choose which of two main headline themes you want to follow. All Mark’s blog posts are categorised as being related to helping you to STAND OUT or to help Accountants keen to achieve greater success.

The STAND OUT blog

This is for professionals who want to have more impact, to win more work and to be better remembered, referred and recommended.

The Accountants’ blog

This is for accountants who are determined to be more successful whether they are running a practice, starting a practice or are an employee in practice. The blog contains much in the way of strategic advice, career advice and common sense advice.  Many of the STAND OUT blog posts also appear on the Accountants’ Blog.

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The 3 factors that will determine your social media success

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the game of chasing followers, likes, connections and social media klout. It may be fun to keep track of these metrics and to keep increasing them. But, in real life, they … Read More

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