Mark Lee helps professionals who want to STAND OUT and be remembered, referred and recommended. He has identified the 7 fundamental principles that you can choose to use to create a more powerful professional impact, online and face to face. 

Mark is a speaker, mentor, facilitator, author, blogger and debunker

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For Accountants

Are you looking to join a unique peer-led mastermind group (The Inner Circle for accountants)?

Join the thousands of accountants who read Mark’s blog. There are loads of commercial, usable insights and ideas here that resonate with average and above average accountants!

You can download samples from a range of ebooks written especially for accountants like you. Or simply buy them online. The ebooks are free from all of the hype that so many other authors include. There are ebooks covering each of:

Or if you want to know more about accountants

Most non-accountants do not really know what makes most accountants tick. Instead they start off with a load of misleading assumptions. This can cause disappointment, whether you are looking for an accountant to help you or if you want to work alongside one.

If you are in business and want to work alongside local accountants then please do not waste their time or yours. Read this free report that reveals: The ten most common mistakes people make when they ask accountants for referrals to clients.

Finding and Choosing an Accountant - This is an independent guide to all you need to know to make the right choice. All accountants are NOT the same!

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